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1970’s Style Suits

1970’s style suits are the most common vintage suits on the market. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise though since this era’s style of clothing is popular in all of its forms. You won’t find any vintage bowling shirts on this page though.


1970s style suitThe styles of this generation are markedly different but the basic concepts still remain. Two and three button jackets with appropriately tailored pants.

However, you will notice that flat front models are much more prevalent than pleated pants. Also, many fashionistas would wear their suit pants just as tightly as people wore jeans during this era.

Many vintage suit wearers will pop on the 3 piece version to fully differentiate between their suit and the new age style suits. Main differences are wider lapels and slim stream lined waists.


Colors range from traditional black and navy blue to anything you might find on the color spectrum.

Bright and interesting colors were the flavor for this decade so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the color that most suits you.


Suits can be found in wool in any decade and the 70’s are no exception. However, polyester suits made a big splash in this era and dominated many of the items of clothing found in this era.

The main difference between the polyester suits of the 70’s and the ones today are the fact that they didn’t even bother to blend them back then.

These days a suit made with polyester will also have wool in it so that you can hardly tell that it is not genuine wool. They use the polyester to provide the wearer with a suit that will not wrinkle quite as easy. Some companies refer to the suit as their traveler’s model because it can be taken on trips without fear of wrinkles.


These suits are most easily found on sites like Ebay as well as other auction sites selling vintage clothing. Prices can be quite low on these sites but be willing to spend a few extra dollars to buy from an established seller.

Also, one should keep in mind that although there are many 1970s style suits that stick out uniquely as such, there are just as many that do not. This is because although there are always certain suit style variations that stick out, the moderate and conservative style can always be found.

These conservative suits make great business suits that are always up to date no matter whether you are going to work in the 70’s or whether you are going to work in 2011.

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