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2 Button Suit

The 2 button suit is the standard executive suit worn by businessmen all over. This type of suit is the number one choice among Americans for all types of events requiring a suit.

You’ll find that two button suits and three button suits make up most of the suits that you see for sale.

As a result of this type of suit being so popular, you’ll have no trouble finding it in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles.

The 2 button style is usually set lower than the top button of the three button suit, but can be styled more like the 3 button suit at times. This look is a good happy medium for those that want to wear a two button without having to bear so much of their chest.

2 button suitThis is a picture of a charcoal gray two button suit that I sold on Ebay. As you can see, the designer decided to sit the buttons up almost as high as you would put the top button on a three button suit.

Setting the top up like that worked very well with this suit because it was a slim fit suit and was very streamlined. It became narrower towards the waist and on the right owner should fit snugly.

Had this suit been made to fit a more portly gentleman it may have flared out awkwardly.

Shorter people tend to look better in a two button suit versus a three button suit. This is because the three button can overwhelm a person with a shorter torso.

Conversely, a tall and lean person can sometimes look overgrown in the wrong 2 button suit. You’ll notice that I said tall and lean and not simply tall.

This is because thicker men have an easier time pulling off the two button suit even when they are taller than average. In fact, many body builder types prefer this type of suit because it conforms to their thick muscular frame better than a three or four button suit would.

The picture on the right is a picture of a more modern 2 button suit. This suit will look great on a man with a more athletic build. Notice how more of the chest is exposed when compared to the above picture of the two button suit.

2 Button Suit Quick Recap

If you are tall and lean, stay away from 2 button suits. However, if you are on the shorter side, don’t hesitate to choose a two button model over all others.

Two button suit jackets should always be worn with the bottom button left undone. This will allow the wearer to sit down without risking a tear of their button.

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