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3 Button Suit

The 3 button suit is the standard in British style and design. This style jacket gives off a more regal and formal look.

It is also much more forgiving to those with less flattering body types. For instance a man with a large belly and small chest will be able to cover both of these areas with the front of his suit jacket.

Three button suits are appropriate for all sorts of occasions and can be worn to office and even interview settings. This suit will give the wearer a nice refined look in comparison with its American two button counterpart.

The price of a three button model is the same as a two button model of equal design, stitching, and material. Also you will find that all designers will have this style jacket within their lineup.

When buying your first suit or even additional suits, you can’t go wrong with a three button suit. This suit has enough buttons to look well on tall people and few enough buttons that most short people will still look just fine in it.

For this reason, the 3 button suit is hands down the most popular suit button design on the market and in the closet. You’ll find that finding a 4 button suit or some other variation can be difficult if not impossible in some makes, but rarely ever in a three button model.

The three button suit and the two button suit are always easy to find in any size, color, make, or model.

3 Button Suit Examples

The pictures below show a slim man and a man that would be best served at a big and tall suit store. Just as a side note, never button the bottom button.

The guy on the left is breaking one of the most basic rules of suit wearing by buttoning the bottom button. If he forgets to unbutton it before he sits down, it will most likely break off.

three button suit 3 button suit

As you can see, both of these men look good in their three button suits. The man on the left gets to take advantage of the fact that the suit will cover some of his excess weight and smooth everything out for him. It also accentuates his large shoulders and makes him look very powerful.

The man on the right gets to take advantage of the fact that the suit makes him look a little thicker and covers his slim chest up a bit. You’ll also notice that the cut of the suit is tailored in a bit at the waist line to show off how fit and trim he is.

Who Should Wear A Three Button Suit

As we said earlier, the three button suit is a very versatile one and can look good on many different body types. This being said, you’ll find that the person that most benefits from the 3 button suit is the tall and slender man.

The reason for this is that this type of buttoned-up suit jacket will not create the elongated torso appearance that a one or two button suit can create on a man. A tall and thin man’s torso already looks elongated and adding to this look with a minimally button adorned jacket is simply unnecessary.

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