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4 Button Suit

The 4 button suit hasn’t been popular among the masses in over 100 years. However, this suit does have its uses and can be seen every now and then at parties, weddings, and even the office.

This suit is popular among tall and thin athletically built men looking to wear a suit that looks a bit more natural than a three button suit tends to look on them. You will also find people that wear them like a one button suit, in the hope of standing out and looking more fashionable.

My view on suits as well as other pieces of fashion is that the clothing should never truly stand out. Its primary focus should be on making you look better and making you more noticeable rather than the threads your wearing look noticeable.

Now I’ll get off my soapbox and get back to the matter at hand.

The rule to wearing a four button suit is to make sure you never ever button up all four buttons. Fastening all four buttons on four button suits will cause them to look more like trench coats than suit jackets.

Also the man wearing a 4 button model needs to make sure that they have enough room up top for nice size lapels and an attractive tie to show through. Very short men simply are not going going to have enough torso to fit four buttons on the jacket without going very high up top with them or going very low.

Another equally appalling option for the short man in the 4 button suit would be for him to wear a jacket with all of the buttons really close together in some sort of absurd fashion. Either way, I’d say stay away from this suit unless your tall.

4 Button Suit Examples

Below you’ll see two examples of men wearing four button suits. Although it may be hard to see because the picture is a bit dark, you’ll notice that the guy on the left is almost being choked by his top button.

4 button suit four button suit

Man On The Left

This man doesn’t look terrible in the suit, but he is about one inch away from it. On the plus side, the suit does seem to make him look stronger as it does add a bit of thickness to his upper body. However, we really can’t tell if he is fit or not, since the suit is covering him up almost completely.

Man On The Right

The guy on the right seems to be tall enough to wear a four button suit without any issues. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend he wear anything less than a three button suit.

His neckline isn’t quite as low as you would find with an average sized man in a 3 button suit, but it is low enough that his suit still looks natural.

I’d also say that he could probably use a tailor to bring the suit in a little closer, but that discussion can be saved for another page.

In conclusion, if you want to wear a 4 button suit, make sure you are tall. Otherwise, stay away from them completely.

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