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5 Button Suit

The 5 button suit is more of a “Hollywood” type of suit than a traditional business or formal wear suit. This suit has so many buttons that even tall men will not have enough room for normal neck lines or lapel styles.

Five button suits can be found from designers such as Steve Harvey, Tayion, Michael Kors, and even Fubu. Also you will notice that many online companies will sell 5 button zoot suits with long trench coat like jackets.

The colors, materials, and prices will generally be different than their two and three button brothers.

This suit really shouldn’t be worn in your typical office. When working for a design company or something else edgy, then you might be able to get away with this type of suit during day to day business.

This being said, never wear a five button suit to an interview. The suit looks dramatically different than traditional suits and will not fit well in a formal or an informal interview.

A formal interviewer will want you to wear something standard like a two or three button suit, possibly a 4 button suit if you’re on the taller side.

For this type of interview, check out my page on the interview suit.

An informal interviewer on the other hand, will not want you wearing a suit at all. If you do come to the interview wearing a suit, he’ll wonder why you look so out of balance in it. He probably won’t be thinking, this guy has too many buttons on his suit, he’ll probably just think you don’t look very good.

5 Button Suit Examples

Here are two pictures of people wearing five button suits.

5 button suit five button suit

The guy on the left is wearing a three piece suit with stripes running down it. It actually has 7 buttons on it, but as you can see, even the first 5 buttons go way past the point at which buttons normally stop on suits.

The suit on the right is a 5 button suit with a mandarin collar. Mandarin suits typically have lots of buttons running down them to cover people up more like a button down shirt would.

As you can see, these suits are not something you normally see on Wall Street. However, the designers aren’t really trying to sell them for this purpose. They are meant to be worn fashionably and if you do like the way they look, then feel free to wear them to parties, to church, and anywhere else that you only wear a suit for fun.

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