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6 Button Suit

The 6 button suit should only be used in fashion shows, costumes, and possibly parties. This jacket type is certainly not something that would be acceptable in the normal business environment.

People that might consider wearing a suit jacket with so many buttons would be men trying to be fashion forward or trend setting. This practice rarely works in their favor, but it does create some interesting looks.

Men looking to wear six button suits should probably leave the jacket completely unbuttoned. Leaving the jacket unfastened will allow for your shirt and tie to remain visible even with such a large jacket.

Designers like Gino Cappeli and Nipon sell some interesting 6 button jacket pieces. They price out at around the $100 range for a new model.

The other type of six button suit is the double breasted suit version. This suit is sometimes referred to as a six button model, because it does indeed have six buttons.

However, although this suit does have the requisite number of buttons, only one or two of them are actually used. Two of the buttons will be able to fasten the suit together, and two will sit alongside of them to form a visual square.

The final two buttons on this jacket will also be purely decorative and will usually sit up close to where the collars intersect.

You’ll find that this type of suit can look very fashionable, and can even cross over into the world of business. However, this is not something that is very common, and I really wouldn’t recommend wearing this type of suit into the boardroom.

Save this suit for church, for parties, or for evenings out on the town.

6 Button Suit Examples

Below you’ll see both versions of the 6 button suit.

6 button suit six button suit

The picture on the left is the first type of six button suit we talked about. It is a single breasted suit with buttons that extend well below the waist.

On the right is a picture of the double breasted six button model. It is shown without a shirt and tie, but could be accessorized with them quite well.

As you can see, these suits look much different than your classic models. I was an outside salesman going business to business in four different counties for well over a year, and not once did I run into anybody wearing either of these suits. In fact, it was rare to even see somebody wearing a double breasted suit at all.

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