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Beige Suit

The beige suit is a great suit to wear in warmer weather. Its lighter shade is a nice break from the darker navy blues, charcoal grays, and blacks we see all winter long.

People with a nice tan or with naturally darker skin tones look great in this color suit. Unfortunately, men with very light skin can sometimes look out of place in this color suit. It just doesn’t seem to go well with light skin complexions.

I got the pictures below off of big stock photo. If you’re unfamiliar with big stock, it is a site where you can buy credits that you can use to get pictures. I rarely use them for this website though because the suit pictures are always of people in business suits in really goofy poses.

Luckily I was able to find the same guy wearing both a beige suit and a blue suit. This should demonstrate how much better a person can look in the right suit. For you half empty glass kind of guys, it will demonstrate how much worse a person can look in a suit color that is wrong for them.

beige suit

blue suit

Most often you will see this suit at functions such as day time weddings, church gatherings, and parties requiring the use of a suit.

It is rare to see people wearing this suit color to work. I wouldn’t do it unless I was in an office that didn’t really require the use of a suit. It might be something you could save for an informal day at work like a business casual day or a holiday party day.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to people that don’t actually have to wear a suit to work.

These suits can be augmented with any number of combinations.

My favorite look is the white shirt, black tie, and black pocket square combination. This look gives off a sleek professional appearance which is not often seen with a beige colored suit.

The usual shoes to wear with this color suit are brown or dark brown with a matching belt color of course. Black shoes are also perfectly acceptable with this color suit.

Beige Suit Example

beige suits

Here is a picture of a beige suit without anybody in it. You’ll notice that the designer went with a high three button suit and gave it a formal looking cut.

It also appears to be made out of a thick material.

The thicker material will fight against wrinkles, but its not going to leave the wearer comfortable in warm weather.

Considering this is more of a warm weather suit, the thick material is an interesting choice.

In conclusion, I’d say wear this colored suit if you have both the occasion and the skin tone to go with it.

Just keep in mind that this isn’t an essential garment for your suit closet.

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