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Black Suit

The black suit can be worn almost anywhere. Wear this to funerals, weddings, and all formal occasions. Also wear it to the office or anywhere else you would like.

Some Americans believe that this suit is not appropriate for the office and that it should only be worn to funerals and to affairs after five pm.

This may have been true at one time, but many people are now wearing this color suit to work.

Many Asian countries have been wearing this color suit to work for decades and it is very common to see Japanese business men in this color suit.

If you’re an American, you’ll have to make up your own mind.

When I was in outside sales, I frequently wore a black suit to work. We didn’t have a strict dress code and I could wear any shirt and suit color that I wanted.

The suit matched up well with light yellow and light pink shirts. It was also a good way to have a suit for funerals and an extra suit to throw into the work rotation.

When just starting out, building a work wardrobe can be costly and it was nice to be able to make use of the extra suit.

White shirts can also be worn with this suit in a work setting, but I would recommend wearing a nice tie so that the tie will stand out as your focal point rather than the suit and shirt.

The only note of caution is to the office worker or salesman trying to appeal to customers. Sometimes this suit paired up with a bright shirt can come off a little too flashy and should not be worn in these situations. On the flip side, worn with a white shirt and boring tie, this suit can be very disappointing to look at.

Make sure you wear black shoes and a black belt with this suit. Informal occasions might warrant burgundy shoes with a burgundy belt, but all other situations should warrant black accessories.


Materials for this garment run a wide spectrum but will always be available in wool. In the past you wouldn’t have seen these suits in too many summer fabrics, but these days I see suit companies making them in cotton quite often.

Black Suit Examples

black suit black suits

Here are a couple of examples for you to look at. The picture on the left features a dark silver tie that blends the white and black of the suit and the shirt together.

The picture on the right features a brighter tie that stands out brazenly on the light shirt contrasted by the dark suit.

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