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Blue Suits

Blue suits have been a staple in the wardrobe of American men for decades. Its versatility and universally flattering palette made it a favorite among designers and consumers alike. The classic navy business suit was the mainstay of the corporate boardroom. It has been said that one cannot go wrong with a classic suit in this color.

The past few years saw black replace blue as the standard in business attire. Although blue remained a favorite among older gentlemen looking for a more classic look, they were often overlooked by the younger generation looking to be more fashion forward.

This of course does not take into account the power suit. Ever since the book Dress For Success came out, pretty much everybody wears a navy blue suit with a red tie to their interviews.

Recently there has been a revival of this traditional suit as designers have gone back to the familiar color, updating the classic with modern cuts and style variations. Slimmer cuts, modern shades, and varied fabric choices have given new life to the suit, and it can now be found gracing fashion magazines and album covers.

This color suit can be worn any time of year and is equally appropriate as business or casual attire. With the expanding variety of shades and cuts, it is easy for almost anyone to find a suit in this color that fits their body type and personal sense of style.

Blue clothing is fantastic for job interviews, business meetings, and even dates. The color blue stands for honesty and loyalty. This is why people looking for jobs wear blue as their power suit. Its also why politicians wear this suit when they are lying….sorry I mean running for office.

Another great quality of blue colored suits is that they look good on all skin tones. Both light and dark skin shades will look good in this color suit.

Blue Suits Example

blue suits light blue suit

These are pictures of suits in blue. One is a light blue and the other one is a nice dark navy blue.

As you can see, they give off two completely different looks. The light blue one looks very relaxed and would be great for a party out on a yacht or a summer wedding in New Orleans.

The dark blue one is fantastic for the boardroom, an interview, or just another day at the office. It looks very clean and professional and would not get any unwelcome attention.

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