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Reviews on Brooks Brothers Suits

Brooks Brothers suits come from the oldest men's clothing chain in America. They've been around since 1818 with one intention - to supply the highest quality clothing at a fair price.

These suits have dressed antebellum Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, and contemporary Presidents, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Two hundred years of experience has not impeded Brooks Brother's creativity or appearance in popular culture.

They continue to influence the entertainment industry and supply suits for the Colbert Report and Mad Men, to name a few. The designer has expanded its product line to accommodate a full men and women's collection but suits remain their forte, as they've dressed prominent American families for decades.


All of these designer's models have traditional cuts with American style stitching. You'll find notched lapels on most suits and peaked lapels for the occasional super-formal, double-breasted jacket.

Brooks Brothers Suits Example

brooks brothers suits

This is a picture of three typical Brooks Brothers suits. As you can see, they are fairly conservative and would look perfect at the office.


Wool classically defines Brook Brother's material but they have recently branched out into stretch materials. Unless you plan on staying the same size your entire life, it might be smart to invest in a high-quality suit that has the ability to stretch. Whether you go with a classic material or something new you won't have to worry about quick wrinkling.


You won't find anything outlandish from this classic, conservative American clothier. Apart from the classics, you might find an olive suit. This may seem boring but classic and traditional is their niche. If you're looking for a little more flare, you might want to try a renowned Italian designer, but if you're looking to establish a quality business and business casual wardrobe, Brooks Brothers is a great starting point.


These elegant American classics usually retail for about $1,000.00. You can buy them from online retailers for a fraction of a price but you risk not seeing the suit in person or trying it on. On the other hand, you can request a custom-tailored that will fit better but cost you more than the average off the peg suit.


If you decide to buy a high quality American made suit than this should be your designer of choice. If you're looking for a power suit or something for the office, this is a great option, as your older executives will be wearing these or something similar. Refer to the how to buy a business suit section in guiding your important decision.