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Brown Suits

Brown suits are the perfect color for certain occasions such as church, weddings, parties and other events.

While not appropriate for everyday wear at the office, these suits can offer a fresh change from a traditional navy or charcoal.

A recent GQ article called brown hued suits a trend that they saw blow up in the Fall 2011 runways. Ronald Reagan confidently wore his brown colored suits despite the fact that this color was considered by many to be inappropriate in the business realm.

When To Wear It

The last few decades have loosened the dress code for this color suit. Many men will now wear this color suit on casual Fridays and in less formal workplaces.

If you have this color suit in your wardrobe and you’re not sure if it’s the right occasion, save yourself from a fashion faux pas and put on your classic charcoal grays or navy blues.

Brown Suits Example

Below you’ll see a picture of a three piece suit in brown. It has two buttons as well as pinstripes running down it.

brown suits


This suit usually comes in two and three button tops, two and three piece outfits, and single and double-breasted jackets. If you want to add even more style to this suit, you can sport pinstripe and plaid or herringbone and checkered patterns.

Also, shop around for the type of brown that fits your skin and frame the best. There are a spectrum of suits under this category, from chocolate-y, darker tones to light browns and tans.

Some people suggest a pink or dark blue shirt to go with a suit thats brown, but this look may be a bit retro in a contemporary setting.
Pair it with a blue shirt, and you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye at the office while they sit in their boxy blacks and blues.


Like most suits, you will generally find this in wool, but because this particular color works year-round, you’ll probably be able to find whatever materials you prefer.


Specific body types do not necessarily lend themselves to brown suits, but darker men typically look best in this color. The quick takeaway: DON’T count this one out from your wardrobe! It may be the best way to break away from the mold while maintaining a classy look.

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