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How to Pick the Best Business Suit

Your business suit is all about one thing. How you are perceived by all those with whom you come into contact during the course of your business dealings.

Obviously, your abilities, records and achievements in your business dealings are the major factor, but without a good suit it can sometimes be tremendously difficult to take someone seriously.

There are going to be occasions when someone is known famously in their business circle for being a real shabby dresser. There are, and will always be heads of large corporations who arrive for work each day in jeans and t-shirt, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

A man who is dressed very smart and fashionable will always be taken seriously. It gives you a head start because it’s assumed you take as much pride in your work as your appearance.

Sadly, in the upper echelons of business, a decent suit is not always enough. Here you need to be looking at the top designer labels. These will always be noticed and recognized. If you are submitting a proposal to the board of your prospective clients wearing a nice, well fitted top designer suit you will look “the part” and those listening will automatically assume you know what you are talking about.

Of course, you also DO have to know what you are talking about, which is implied. However, wearing a latest designer suit adds tremendous weight to your words.

Imagine if the roles were reversed and you were sitting meeting the representative of a company who wished to sell to you. Without giving it too much thought, if he is dressed in a cheap suit you will instantly have a reduced perception of, not only him, but his proposal and the company he represents.

This may sound a little shallow, but it is a cold fact of life. Psychologists will tell you that forming a first impression is inevitable. And first impressions really do count. How many times have we formed an opinion of someone simply because of the way they look, only to later discover that you were wrong. Don’t ever allow that to happen to you. Always wear the best and most fashionable business suit you can. Create a great first impression – sometimes you may not have a second chance.

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