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Cashmere Suits

Cashmere Suits – highly coveted for their soft feel and incredible comfort, one should covet and care for this luxury cloth. We’ve all felt the soft warmth of cashmere apparel but let’s get into some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning an entirely cashmere suit.

When drooling over this fabric, don’t forget the most important aspect of a suit – fit. A $15,000 suit doesn’t make you slick, stylish, or classy if it doesn’t fit.

Also, remember that you don’t always have to get a 100% cashmere created suit. A suit can be made in a nice blend that includes both wool and cashmere. This keeps the price down and gives you the advantages of wool with some of the comfort of cashmere.


If you live in an area with rapidly changing climates, cashmere will keep you consistently warm. It provides insulation without weighing you down. The fibers are highly adaptable and appropriate for nearly all climates.

Cashmere’s ability to insulate you will correspond with the moisture content in the air. With high loft, it’s softer than linen and cotton, making it luxuriously soft. This may be a good fabric choice for your winter rotation – it will keep you cozy and warm.

If you’ve ever watched Seinfeld you know that beautiful women will walk up to you and feel your jacket before asking, “is this cashmere?”

Cashmere Suits Disadvantages

Cashmere is not cheap. You will probably pay an exorbitant amount of money to have a suit woven completely with this material. This type of suit may be hard to find nowadays as most designers experiment with material blends – silk and wool and polyester and wool to name a few.

Many companies are moving towards more synthetic materials for all types of suits. While this suit most certainly sends a stylistic message, it’s not always the most practical. Most of the time, cashmere provides too much warmth. It works in a rotation and for special occasions, because cashmere requires a lot of maintenance. It’s known for its softness, not its durability, and must be delicately treated.

Moths love cashmere (and not in the same way you do) and will seize any opportunity to create some holes in your new suit, so make sure you have a cedar closet or moth balls. If you spill anything on your suit, moths will have all the more reason to snack on your thousand-dollar jacket.

If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then wear your cashmere suit proudly; don’t however, expect to wear it everyday and have it last very long.

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