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Checkered Suit

The checkered suit is a great addition to an already complete wardrobe, but is not an absolute necessity. Reserve a classic navy, charcoal, or black suit as your first, but don’t count this suit out when mixing up your day-to-day apparel.

Suit aficionados looking to add a little extra swagger and flare to their look often sport a bolder pattern of suit. It may be one of your trendier outfits that you save for important social events or for when you want to stand out, but be sure to wear it sparingly.

You can wear this suit on formal dates, award ceremonies, church services, weddings, and even parties, but it certainly is not your everyday work suit.

Checkered Suit Example

Below is a fantastic example of how fantastic you could look in a check patterned suit.

checkered suit

Just kidding….

Here is a three piece check patterned suit without Pee Wee Herman inside of it. As you can see its bolder than your typical office suits and is better off in slightly less formal situations.

check patterned suit

Checkered Vs Plaid

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion between these two terms, so let us settle this in the same fashion that we settled the business casual ambiguity.

Checkered patterns consist of squares in which colors generally do not overlap. Think of a checkerboard. Plaid patterns, on the other hand, consist of crossing stripes and bands of color at right angles.

From a production perspective, a checkered suit requires a highly skilled tailor to run perfect vertical and horizontal lines through the jacket and pants. The lapels and pockets create a lot of difficulty for the tailor, as they can be hard to match up with the main body of the suit.

If you’re going to wear a checkered or plaid suit, then wear a solid colored shirt and tie. You don’t want your patterns to clash, creating an unnecessarily “loud” outfit. Just because your trendy friend wore his checkered jacket with a polka-dot shirt and yellow tie doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you or for everyone else looking at you.

However, if you want to deviate from a solid colored suit, you could also go with a check patterned shirt to go with the suit.


Many designers will carry this fashionable suit for a reasonable price. Materials and colors are just as widely available in this sort of pattern as well. It goes


Most importantly, make sure your suit fits, whether it be a classic navy, checkered, or neon green. If you find a checkered suit that enhances your wardrobe and fits your body’s unique features, then wear it confidently and usurp your less trendy friends.

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