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Classic Suit

The classic suit is a staple and necessity in every man’s wardrobe. Fashion fads will come and go as long as we live, but there is something timeless about a classic, solid colored suit that perfectly fits a man’s body.

We need not stay in touch with the trends of the times to sport a charming and fitting look that everyone will admire.

Don’t let the office space notion of a boxy, stifling, low-quality suit taint your idea of what a tailored suit can accomplish.

Read on to learn about that classic suit.

I think everyone would agree that it is still refreshing to see a well-groomed, well-mannered, classy man wearing a suit that effortlessly fits his body. This classic approach to masculine dress is not only time honored, but it also exudes a confidence and trustworthiness that trends, fads, and less conservative clothing choices lack.

While your comfort level may be a part of your criteria in choosing what to wear, bear in mind what kind of image you want to project. The clean lines and familiarity of a suit project an image of capability and professionalism, and set the expectation of well-mannered behavior from the man wearing it.

Classic Suit Style

I would encourage men to take a second glance in their collective closets and pull out that suit for consideration. Better yet, go to a department store to start your search in buying a new one.

Gray, black, or navy blue; pinstriped, or not, there are plenty of options to consider. Go with peaked lapels if you want something more formal or a double-breasted jacket for something more classic.

Try notched lapels and a two-button jacket for something younger and sleeker but still assertive. Don’t skimp on the shoes, belt, or tie, as each part of the outfit supports the entire ensemble.

If you wear a suit often enough or if you are just starting your professional career, it may be worth it to find a form fitting suit made from a high quality wool, that has clearly been tailored to your unique needs by an experienced professional.

It will cost you more but you will wear your suit with pride and it will last years with proper wear and care. A well-tailored suit can make a good-looking man look even better and whatever you decide, remember that a good suit will never go out of style.

For those just looking for a simple definition of what a classic suit is, here is the best I can do. This suit is a two or three button suit in a traditional color like charcoal gray or navy blue.

It is a standard fit and should not look much different than the average suit you would have seen a hundred years ago. This suit is timeless and will still be viable for office wear a hundred years from now.

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