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Custom Tailor

The custom tailor can perfect a suit and give you something that fits well for any occasion. Nothing feels quite like the confidence boost that a uniquely tailored suit provides.

Take a quick look into your closet. If this feeling does not instantly ring a bell or you can’t seem to relate, you haven’t purchased a high-quality, professionally tailored suit.

Custom clothing can add a bounce to your step, providing you with that occasionally needed self-boost. From the bed sheets to the spreadsheets or from the boardroom to the boardwalk, a tailor who understands his craft and your body will give you a sense of style and know-how you never knew you had.

It’s no secret that looking great can boost a man’s self-esteem. If a man knows he looks good, he will feel good about himself. He will exude an aura of confidence, compelling and exciting those around him.

Tailoring a suit to custom fit your needs can create that sought-after feeling, for less than you might expect.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not too expensive to have a suit tailored for a proper fit. While many people believe custom suits are going to cost a fortune, there are many inexpensive ways to go about having one made.

It’s better to have a $150 J. Crew jacket that fits you than a $10,000 Brioni suit in which you’re swimming. That being said, know a tailors limitations!

A tailor may be able to work some magic but there are certain things you may want adjusted that are not feasible or not worth it, so consider the following list when suit shopping.

Can and Can’t Do’s

A tailor cannot extend your jacket’s shoulders and should not restructure your jacket’s shoulders (to make them smaller). A tailor cannot make your jacket longer or extend its sides, and it’s very difficult for a tailor to make your jacket shorter.

A custom tailor can, however, make the sides of your jacket slimmer by letting it in. A tailor absolutely can shorten your pants to make sure the bottoms sit right on top of your dress shoes. A tailor can remove the roll near the neck of your jacket and lastly, your tailor can let out a couple of inches in the waist of your pants.

Custom Tailor Prices

The Internet offers many different options for a man to have a power suit custom-made. There are literally thousands of websites offering their expertise in tailoring men’s suits. They offer excellent quality fabrics, as well as professional standards, and well-made garments for just a fraction of what you might think it would cost. Often, you can take your suit off the rack (OTR) and have it altered for less than fifty dollars.

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