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Designer Mens Sunglasses

Designer mens sunglasses can really add to your wardrobe and overall sense of style. There are many variables that come into play when choosing a pair that looks both stylish and rests comfortably on your face.

Some people will swear that no pair of sunglasses seem to fit or look good on their face. If you’re equipped with the right information and you shop around diligently, you’ll eventually stumble upon the right item. Know what models will compliment the shape of your face and I’ll try to give you the quick and dirty tips you’ll need in your hunt for the perfect pair.

Finding Your Fit

1.Round faces: Go with a pair of angular or square-framed sunglasses to compliment your less angular face.

2.Square faces: No surprise here, go with a round-shaped frame to compliment your square noggin and create a relaxed look.

3.Heart shaped faces: Try some larger sunglasses with rimless frames or light colors. It can soften the lower portion of your face and create a strong look.

4.Ovular faces: You can accommodate the most types of frames and colors. Try on a lot of frames, shop around, and consult a professional and honest friend.


1.Wear a pair that fits your face, yet loose enough as to not strangle your nose.

2.Choose a style that looks great but does not distract or detract from your suit, tie, and shoes.

3.Buy a pair of aviator glasses as your ace in the hole. These glasses are both fashionable and highly protective. They’ve been stylish for decades and for good reason.

4.Polarized means that the lenses will reduce glare from the sun’s rays off of horizontal planes. The polarization can reduce glare created by the road and the hood of a car, making them optimal and almost necessary for driving. Buy polarized glasses if you plan on wearing them on a boat or near an event near water. The golf course is a perfect example of a place you may be wearing a suit and yet need protection against water glare.

5.Choose a rimless or metal-rimmed pair of glasses. Plastic rims look cheap and the worst thing you can do with this accessory is to cheapen your entire outfit with a plastic, toy-like pair.

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