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English Suits

English suits are cut with classic British style, elegance, and formality. This type of suit is great for formal occasions, interviews, the office, and when you want to make a firm appearance.


The traditional single-breasted British style jacket will have three buttons. The double-breasted jacket, which is also popular among the English, will generally have a six-on-two arrangement where two parallel columns of three buttons exist but only a couple are actually fastened.

British suits traditionally have three pockets and strongly tapered sides, providing a more formal aura. It will have two side vents and minimally padded shoulders, but some models do come with one vent. Waists will be streamlined with one flap pocket on each side.

This is all opposed to Italian suits, which generally have strongly padded shoulders, minimal tapering on the sides, and a sleeker look. Both of the aforementioned styles are opposed to American suits, which range from more relaxed, to more trendy, to some permutation of the other models.


Solid colors, of course, exist in classic Navy, Charcoal, and Black but look to see mostly pinstripe and plaid designs.


Pants will be pleated or double pleated with a quarter inch cuff at the bottom. Cuffs should always have a slight break at the dress shoes. The pants should never scrape the ground for two reasons. One, you will quickly ruin your pants. Two, it creates a disheveled, unprofessional appearance.

Ripped or Tailored?

A major advantage to English suits is their forgiving nature. Three button suits do a much better job at hiding a man’s potentially protruding gut or weak chest. The pleated pants also do a great job of hiding not so shapely legs. So, in addition to hitting the gym or taking up a sport, a tailored English suit can make you seem like you are in great shape.


Proper tailoring can give this suit a formidable and authoritative look. Wear a pinstripe model to add even more power to your look.

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