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Flannel Suit

The flannel suit is made from thick worsted wool or a wool/cotton mix. It is similar to tweed and herringbone suits, in terms of pattern, but much softer in feel.

This suit can create an interesting outward look, visually unique yet not as bold as an unconventional paisley pattern. Do not limit your flannel collection to long sleeve shirts.

While flannel shirts provide a comfortable, casual look during the fall and winter, these suits can really mix up your stale wardrobe and provide you with a refined look. Their polished and felted appearance can really make you stand out in the office or out on the town.


This material is heavy enough to make a great winter suit but not uncomfortably heavy to preclude its wear and tear in spring and fall temperatures, especially because today’s flannel is nimbler and thinner than previously in history.

The versatility of the fabric gives it the ability to provide both plain and textured patterns. Also, its soft feel makes it more luxurious than most winter suits. You won’t feel stuffy and if you pick out a charcoal or light gray, you can double your flannel suit usage, showing it off at work and out to see a show on the weekend.

If you’re looking for a name brand suit made from flannel, you could easily end up swiping your card for a $2,000 purchase but shop around and you should be able to find a designer option in the $800 to $1,500 range.

A couple of minor alterations and you’re on your way to impressing your less fashion savvy friends. That being said, while wearing this suit so there is no need to show off an interesting design on your shoes. Keep it simple with a nice leather or oxford.

Flannel Suit Disadvantages

Suits made from this material are more rare than standard worsted wools and can quickly cost more. Although this suit will be lighter than most winter suits, it is still a winter suit and can be uncomfortable to wear during the hottest summer weeks.

Flannel is not a bad option if you are trying to add a little spice to your winter wardrobe, but this suit is not ideal as your first suit to buy.

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