Suit Buying Tips

Good Dry Cleaners

Good dry cleaners can really facilitate a man’s life. Being able to toss your suit on without having to worry about whether or not it was done correctly takes away some of the daily stress and decision making fatigue that you can surely afford to devote to other parts of your life.

We have enough to worry about don’t we?

How To Choose A Dry Cleaner

1. Use word of mouth to find a cleaning establishment in your area. Asking somebody if they know a superior professional isn’t very hard and just about any working professional will spout off a recommendation in less than a second. People want to refer you to the places that work for them, so here’s a tried and tested recommendation.

2. Check to see if the business is certified. A certified organization has employees that have been professionally trained. The last thing you want is a newbie or unlicensed pro going to work on your only suit that you plan on wearing to that important interview tomorrow morning.

Moreover, you want to be sure that the business will hang and bag your clean clothes exactly when they say they will. The second to last thing you want is to head to the drycleaners to pick up your suit, only to realize that they have neglected your order because they were too busy.

3. Shop around until you find somebody that will give you a nice crease at a reasonable price. The industry is very competitive and you don’t have to accept poor service or exorbitant prices. If you live in a bustling town, there must be several competing drycleaners within a couple of square miles and good dry cleaners will not be hard to come by.


You should pay close attention when maintaining your suit. The manner in which you hang it, aligning the creases, dry cleaning it when necessary, and wearing it with pride are all underrated factors with regards to suit maintenance.

Do not cheapen your large investment, because with proper upkeep your suits will last you years and you’ll receive compliments every time you get them dry cleaned, pressed, and prepared.

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