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Gray Suits

Wear these to the office, to a funeral, and maybe even a social occasion. The office worker looking to add to his wardrobe should look towards this color immediately.

When choosing this color, you have two main options to choose from.

The first option is to choose a charcoal colored suit. This suit is a mainstay among business suit closets and is a great choice for the office.

Also, because of its coloring, this suit makes a fantastic suit color for winter.

The dark shade of this type of gray is formal enough for day time weddings as well. A charcoal gray suit can also come in a pinstripe model which many people also wear as a business suit.

A light gray colored suit is also great for business settings and is light enough to be a nice summer suit. Add window pane or check patterns to it and you have a less formal, yet still elegant suit to wear.

Gray Suits Example

As you can see, even though each of these suits are the same color, the different shades of gray make them look much different from each other.

The suit on the right looks much more formal than the suit on the left. It would be great for an interview or a day at the office.

This being said, the suit on the left would be great for a formal party, wedding, or casual day at the office.

All materials can be found for this suit with the most prevalent being wool. It is a good all year round color so the material choice is really up to you.

All skin tones are welcome to use this shade without any negative effects. The reason for this is because the color is so neutral that it meshes well with anything. Take this into consideration when you’re buying shirts and ties.

In conclusion, this shade is great because it is neutral in color and can be worn by anybody to any event.

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