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Herringbone Suit

The herringbone suit is much like the tweed suit in weight and feel. Its zig zag pattern is the defining feature. You will find this type of suit in a lot of vintage 1940’s models, as this style suit was very popular during that time period.

Although these days the suit is not quite as popular, it is still sold brand new in a variety of stores. Companies such as Joseph A Bank and Ralph Lauren are still making beautiful suits in herringbone patterns.

Personally I like the texture of a herringbone suit and think they add a bit of depth to the garment. It also seems to visually add some thickness to a person so it is good for people that are in need of a few pounds.

However, I’m not sure that it adds any unnecessary girth to those looking to lose a few extra pounds so it is a pretty safe garment for people of all body types.


Materials are heavy which makes them ideal for winter wear. Also the coarse fabric is one of the best for longevity and durability. Wrinkles are uncommon and creases are unlikely to form. Fading of the material is possible but much less prevalent than in its counterparts.

This fabric style is also good for those trying to break up the monotony of their wardrobe without straying away from conservative fashion. Wearing a suit like this won’t make you look out of place at the office.


Heavy materials are not as versatile as the lighter wools and cannot be used in the summer without much discomfort. Also the coarse nature of the fabric makes it much less luxurious than a lighter smoother material.

Those of you that can’t stand to wear anything thicker than finely spun wool should look towards another type of suit to wear.

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