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How to Clean a Tie

Knowing how to clean a tie is pivotal to your suit wearing success. The necktie seems to get dirty quicker than any other garment a man can wear. Ironically its also the hardest garment to treat for stains.


1. The best thing you can do to keep your tie clean is to treat it with a stain resistant spray. These work kind of like Rainex does on your windshield. Just like Rainex, it will need to be reapplied from time to time.

2. Take your tie off as soon as you don’t need to wear it anymore. This doesn’t mean you need to rip it off while your walking from your office to your car, but don’t come home from work and decide to eat dinner with your neck tie on. Take it off and you’ll keep it cleaner longer and be more comfortable.

3. Store your necktie as carefully as you store your suit. This can be done simply by placing your ties in your suit closet. Hang them off of a hanger or off of the closet bar. Alternatively, you could buy a tie rack.

The Aftermath

1. Once you spill something on your tie, you’ll need to attack the stain immediately with stain remover. Do not use water as it will just make things worse.

2. Always make sure to blot the stain rather than wipe. Making swiping movements across the stain will dramatically increase the size of the stain.

3. If you find you cannot get the stain out on your own, you may need to see a dry cleaners. Just keep in mind that a stained silk tie may be beyond repair and you might just have to buy yourself a new one.

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