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How to Iron a Shirt

Learn how to iron a shirt, and your life will become much easier. This skill can save you from having to pay out money for dry cleaning and will have you looking sharp.

Ironing a shirt is not that hard to do but there are a few tips that will help you along the way.

Things you will need:

1. Ironing Board – I prefer the large version that stands above my waist. This is much better than its smaller counterpart for in home use. Buy the smaller one only if you plan on packing it up for frequent travel.

2. The Iron – Look for one that has a button to shoot both water and steam out of it. This will save you from having to get a spray bottle and possibly a steam cleaner.

How to Iron a Shirt:

1. Set up your ironing board in a place where it cannot fall over.

2. Fill your iron up with cold water.

3. Set the iron to the temperature your shirt has specified.

4. Plug the iron into an outlet and stand it up on your ironing board.

5. Spread your shirt out on the ironing board using natural creases in the shirt to section pieces off.

6. Spray the shirt lightly with water using your iron.

7. Place the hot part of the iron onto the shirt and begin to move it vertically up and down the shirt in smooth strokes.

Be sure not to leave the iron on any one place of the shirt for more than a few seconds or it will start to burn and ruin your shirt.

8. Immediately place the shirt on a hanger when finished.

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