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How to Steam Clean

Learning how to steam clean a suit is essential to getting rid of nasty wrinkles while still maintaining the longevity of the suit. Steam cleaning a suit will eliminate all wrinkles and take some unpleasant odors out of it as well.

When I sold pre-owned suits I steam cleaned all of them before and after taking their pictures and measurements. The steam worked wonders on the wrinkles and also sanitized the suits for my customers as well.

I was also working as an outside salesman at the time and using the steam cleaner on my dress shirts was much faster than ironing them the old fashioned way.

What you will need:

1. Your suit.

2. A good open place to hang or lay your suit. This can be achieved through clever hanging, a garment rack, or a nice clean table.

3. A good steam cleaner. There are many steam cleaners on the market, but not all are created equal. I’ve found that the cheap steam cleaners are hard to handle, hard to clean, and simply do not work as well as a good brand like Jiffy.

How to Steam Clean a Suit – Instructions

1. Lay your suit out flat on a table or hang it up in an open space.

2. Fill up your steam cleaners tank and plug the cleaner in.

3. While waiting for the tank to heat up, brush the suit off making it devoid of any lint or hair. Most new steamers will come with a brush, but if not you can use a lint roller or lint brush.

4. Use the nozzle of your cleaner to shoot steam at your suit from several inches away.

Be careful not to let the suit get too moist. Anything closer than a few inches away and you’ll end up soaking your suit rather than steaming it.

5. Use one hand to hold the suit still while using the other hand to do long even strokes with the nozzle. Just make sure you don’t directly steam your hand. The steam really can give you a painful burn.

Repeat this process until the wrinkles have completely fallen away from your suit.

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