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How to Tie a Tie

Learning how to tie a tie used to be something that people learned at an early age. These days most men only wear a suit once or twice before becoming an adult. When its been years since you’ve last tied a tie it can be hard to remember. On this page, I’ll refresh your memory and have you looking sharp.

The easiest way to tie a necktie is to use the basic four in the hand method. In this method, you’ll start out with your tie hanging around your neck.

The thick part of the tie should be on your left side with the thin part on your right side. I hang the right side down to about an inch or two above my belly button.

However, this will vary depending on the length of the tie and the length of your torso.

Now you’ll want to cross the thick end over the thin end. Wrap it over and then under the thin end. See picture below.

Wrap the thick end around once more. Forgive the finger, it was unintentional. It isn’t very easy holding a camera and tying a tie at the same time so my fingers are all over the place.

After this you’ll want to go behind the V you have made and then back down to the front. Lastly, tuck the tie in through the front loop you have made and pull down.

As you pull the small end of the tie down to bring your tie close to your neck, make sure to straighten the center knot as best you can.

Just keep in mind that this way of tying a tie will never give you a perfectly symmetrical look. For that, you’ll need to tie a Windsor Knot.

How To Tie a Tie In A Windsor

The second particular method we are going to use is called the Windsor Knot. This will produce a wide triangular knot, which is in fact, named after King Edward VII.

So let’s start by selecting a tie. The tie will be placed inside the collar of your button down shirt. Standing in front of a mirror, place the tie with the big end on the right side, approximately 12 inches below the small end.

Now, cross the big end over the smaller end, bringing the big end up through loop between your collar and your tie and bringing the big end back down. Pull the big end underneath the small end and to the right, once again back through the loop, to the right again which will now make the big end inside out.

Now, bring the big end across the front of your shirt from right to left. Pull the big end once again through the loop, bringing the big end down through the knot in front.

Finally, using both hands, tighten the knot carefully and draw it up to the collar. Viola! You have just tied your first Windsor Knot!

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