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How To Wear A Suit

Knowing how to wear a suit is a pivotal skill for almost any man. Wearing a suit is a simple task once you know what you're doing. This page is will teach you everything you need to know - suit wear will never be easier after you have read this page.

Starting at the top, the first thing you need to know is how the collar should look. Collars should fit so that a quarter inch of your dress shirt is showing while standing. This will ensure that your dress shirt is not engulfed when you sit down.

Shoulder pads should have your shoulders gently sloping down in a natural way. Men with large shoulders will need less padding than men with narrow shoulders.

Armholes on the jacket should be high enough that you can raise your arms over your head without having the jacket dramatically ride up on your face.

Sleeves should be short to the point that a half inch of your dress shirt sleeves are showing, but not more.

The bottom button should never be buttoned - even when standing. Leaving this button fastened will lead to it ripping off when you sit down.

Pants should sit at the waist rather than the hips and should fit nicely at the crotch without too much extra room.

Pant legs should flow smoothly down the legs without any bulges. Thin men may have to get the legs taken in while larger athletic men may have to have pants specially made.

The bottom of the pant legs should rest gently at the top of the dress shoes with a small break.

How to wear a suit in Europe - men who like to wear their pant legs slightly higher can opt for the European look and wear their pants without any break at the bottom.