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One should never underestimate the power of a good, quality interview suit. When meeting someone for the first time, especially in an interview situation, the way you are dressed will determine how the interview will proceed. It is never appropriate to participate in an interview without wearing an appropriate suit.

The type and appearance of the suit can be very important. If, for example, you are interviewing for a position with a local news team, you may want to wear a more stylish cut of suit paired with a more colorful shirt and tie.

On the other hand, if you were interviewing with an accounting firm, you may choose a somber suit with a blue or white shirt and conservative tie. The choice of suit,then, is a direct result of the type of job for which you are interviewing.

One great way to decide what to wear is to observe the employees of the company. When you are interviewing for a company that requires its employees to wear suits each day, you can simply wear what you see the other employees wearing.

Try dropping off your resume in person so that you can take a peak at the workers currently employed by the company.

Another consideration when dressing for an interview is grooming. The suit should be well tailored and fitted. It should be free of any holes or stains, and it should be neatly pressed with creases on the legs of the pants. Check to be sure that all of the buttons are on the interview suit. All of this should be done for your shirt and tie as well.

Be sure to examine your tie for any stains. The best plan is to do this a few days before your interview to be sure that you have time to iron or take anything that needs cleaning to the dry cleaners.

Remember that your appearance is as important as anything you can say in an interview. You may well be a leader in your field, but if you look like a bum, no one will take you seriously.

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