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Italian Suit

The Italian suit,(also known as the European suit), sparks great interest in any fashion enthusiast. You can find this style on the runways of all male fashion shows.

The traditional look on this jacket is double breasted with large lapels and slit pockets. A classic model will be completely vent-less. Shoulders will be gently padded to add some bulk without making the suit look unnatural.

Pants are pleated and cuffed with both button down pockets and slit pockets. The cuff may end with a slight break at the shoes or it may end slightly above the shoes with no break.

Tall men with lean builds look both trendy and stylish in these models. However, many fashion consultants feel that short and stocky men should steer clear of anything resembling double breasted.

I disagree that short and stocky men can’t wear double breasted suits. While the suit will look bulky at the midsection, a double breasted suit will hide a large belly much better than a British model.

The key to making this suit work for a bulkier man is to have higher gorges to elongate the torso. Leaner men may go with shorter gorges, while average men leave them at the standard position.

Italian Suit Evolution

Keep in mind that suits made in Italy aren’t always going to be double breasted suits. In fact, most suits today are single breasted suits. This includes the suits that come out of Italy.

Traditionally each area of the globe had their particular styles, but today you can get any style you want from almost any company you want.

Also, you can find double breasted suits with vents and single breasted suits with large lapels and slit pockets. Suit styles are constantly changing and as long as you have the money, you should be able to find something that you feel looks great on you.

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