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Reviews On Jos A Bank Suits

Jos A Bank suits are some of the finest suits on the market. They have an extremely large selection to choose from including your own custom designs.

You'll find a wide selection of choices among their various styles. Styles to choose from include the: Executive, Signature, Signature Gold, Platinum, Joseph, Trio, Stay Cool, Summer Weight, and Traveler models. Each model brings a different style and material quality to give the consumer a wide variety of suits to choose from.

Material is most likely always wool but check each suit to determine which type of wool is being used. For instance in the traveler models you may find a more wrinkle and stain resistant wool than you would find in some of the luxury models.

Almost any color you can think of can be found throughout the vast lineup this company brings to the table.

Jos A Bank Suits

Executive - These suits are the least expensive year round suit models the company has to offer. They have a nice look to them and are well made, but they are made with wools that are less expensive than the ones they use in their pricier models.

Signature - This suit is half lined to the knee and uses a fine merino wool.

Signature Gold - The Gold series is also made out of fine merino wool, but it is half canvassed. This is great for those looking for the benefits of a canvassed suit without the price tage of one.

Traveler - These suits are made from a natural stretch wool that makes them very resistant to wrinkles.

Platinum - The Platimum is fully canvassed and crafted from super 150s.

Joseph - The Joseph line up uses pick stitching and gives the buyer a suit with high armholes. This gives a great look, but can be hard to accomplish in an off the rack suit. Try this suit and it might fit fantastic on you or it might not.

Trio - This suit comes with an extra pair of trousers for casual wear.

Stay Cool - These suits are seersucker suits that come in bright summer colors.

Summer Weight - This suit is just what you think it is. A lightweight suit that is nice for summer wear and warmer climates.

Price ranges will vary dramatically, but expect to get a really great suit for less than a $1,000.00 In fact, you may end up getting a great suit for less than three hundred dollars with free shipping.

Men looking for a wide selection at an affordable price should check out this company's lineup.