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Khaki Suit

The khaki suit can be a nice addition to your wardrobe. This type of suit could be worn to a more casual office setting as well as to a beach party.

I’d steer away from wearing it to very conservative jobs or to black tie affairs. Although this suit is beautiful, it is too lightly colored to wear to these types of places.

Although this color suit isn’t as unique as a white suit it is still unique. An advantage over the white suit is that it is less flashy and comes off less arrogant. This color is easily found in any type of material in a wide array of stores.

However, it is found in light weighted wools, cottons, and linens much more often than it is found in year round materials. This is because it is more popular as a summer suit than it is a year round suit.

Mid range skin tones go with this color very well, however I’d stay away from this suit if you are very dark or very light.

The best shirt color to wear with this suit is a nice white shirt. Combine it with a solid black tie, black shoes, and a pocket square and you have a bold yet conservative summer suit to wear.

Other tie options are colors such as tan, green, navy blue, and dark red.

Also, keep in mind that burgandy and brown shoes can also go well with a khaki colored suit.

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