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Luxury Suits

Luxury suits are just what the name implies. They are made from virgin wools, cashmeres, and even velvets.

These materials add dramatically to the price you will pay for one of these garments but it is a luxury after all.

This suit goes well beyond the utilitarian work uniform that you might see in any business park.

However, depending on your rank in the corporate chain you may be sporting many of these to work anyway. Extra comfort and breath-ability make the wearer feel dramatically better than the traditional business suit wearer.

These suits are made by high end designers such as: Isaia, Kiton, Zegna, and other expensive designers. You can also get your own bespoke luxury suit made by a wide variety of suit makers. Just be sure to get a high quality material that is both comfortable and durable.

Quick Tips

1. Pay careful attention to what your tailor has done. Just because this suit isn’t essential doesn’t mean it should be tailored improperly. After all, what good is a cashmere suit that does not fit you as well as your flannel suits.

2. Store these with care. This type of clothing won’t be worn as much as the traditional clothing and therefore has more time to be attacked by moths and other catastrophes. Cedar closets and hangers may be something for you to look into.

3. Shop around. Luxury suits with high price tags have more significant discounts as far as dollars and cents goes. The higher the price, the more room for sale prices and mark downs.

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