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Made to Measure Suits

If you’re used to wearing men’s suits purchased off the rack, moving up to made to measure suits can be a revelation.

When a suit is made to measure, it is custom constructed to fit the wearer exactly, and the level of fit can be much more precise than when alterations are made to a ready to wear suit.

Made to measure differs from full custom (or “bespoke”) tailoring in that made to measure garments are individually tailored, but constructed using a standard design, where as bespoke tailoring is designed from scratch.

In general, made to measure will cost more than ready to wear but less than bespoke. The obvious reason for this is that they require more manual labor than an off the rack suit, but less than a bespoke suit.

One of the biggest revelations of wearing made to measure suits is how comfortable it is. The suit has literally been tailored to your body, and rather than pinching and binding where it doesn’t fit, it is perfectly sized everywhere.

This also serves to make the suit more flattering, as there’s not anywhere where the suit is too tight or too baggy. A good tailor will also leave ample seam allowances so that as your body changes, the suit can be altered to change along with you.

If you like the tailor, you can go back to them for any future alterations you may need.

Getting the perfect fit does, however, require patience. Expect to have an initial measuring and several follow up fittings to get a suit that fits you perfectly. As your tailor becomes more familiar with you and your body, you won’t need quite as many fittings when you get a new suit.

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