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Maroon Suit

For quite awhile, the maroon suit was out as business wear, then it made a comeback, and now it has nearly vanished again.

This being said, nothing says confident like a maroon outfit. If you doubt this, just take a look at Hugh Hefner in his classic smoking jacket.

A maroon colored suit shouldn’t be worn on a day in court or for a formal meeting, but it’s a good day-to-day relief from the routine blue, gray, and brown.

Sometimes the best thing about this colored suit is that you know no one else will dare to wear it. You will cleverly stand out in a crowd. However, not everyone can get away with the color so really try it on to see how it looks on your skin tone.

Color should be part of every man’s repertoire and shouldn’t just be used sparingly. Remember that with maroon vivid colored suits match them with a dressed down t-shirt or something a bit more plain.

Take the jacket off and you still have a defining suit that gives you a bit of character. It’s something that is perfect for the daring or fashion-forward man. You can match it with brown or black shoes.

Also keep in mind that a maroon suit is always in season. No one wants to see the traditional black, navy, or brown suit every day. Find a suit in this color and really be careful that it doesn’t have too many buttons or pockets, this will give off classic and elegant look.

As far as accessories go, you can simply go with a classic white shirt and either a white or black pocket square. The tie can be in a subdued color to match the suit or it can stand out as a focal point.

Just try not to make the tie too outrageous as you are already standing out with your suit color selection.

The picture at the top of this page is an example of a three piece maroon colored suit with a bright red tie. Notice that the tie stands out and draws the eye to it.

This is a nice vibrant look which really blends well with the dark maroon color of the suit.

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