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Mens Dress Shirts

The main characteristic of mens dress shirts is that they are either cotton, polyester, or some sort of cotton polyester mix. Of course you can find shirts made from silk, cashmere, or some other unique fabric, but it is a rare to find them in men’s business wear.

After that the only thing you need to worry about is the size, style, and color of the shirt. Lets take a further look below.

Fabric Attributes

Cotton is the most breathable suit shirt you can buy and is highly valued as a companion to the summer suit.

Unfortunately, this type of shirt can wrinkle very easily and can be a pain to iron. When I first started working I initially went with all cotton shirts and quickly found that I had made a mistake.

Cotton shirts are great for those that are going to be getting their shirts pressed, but not so great for those that plan on doing the ironing themselves.

Polyester shirts are soft and smooth and do not wrinkle easily at all. In fact, you can wear them all day and they probably won’t have a wrinkle on them.

The downside is that these shirts do not look very professional. They also hold the heat in and you may end up sweating more in them.

The cotton and polyester mix provides the wearer with the advantages of both the cotton and polyester shirt. It will wrinkle, but not nearly as quickly or as badly as a cotton shirt.

My advice for people just starting out is to grab up a week’s worth of these shirts. They are low maintenance and look good enough to wear to any office.

Styles of Mens Dress Shirts

Styles can vary greatly in dress shirts. A shirt can have button up collars or flat collars. It can be slim fit or regular fit, and it can come in many different colors.

Some rules to remember:

1. Lined shirts look more professional the closer the lines.

2. Always choose a color that goes well with your suit color and your skin tone.

3. White is always a safe color to wear. It can be worn to the office, to a funeral, to a wedding, and anywhere else you may want to wear it. Mens dress shirts in white look good with every suit color on the market.

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