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Mens Linen Suit

The mens linen suit is probably the most comfortable suit one can wear. Linen is one of the oldest materials in the world and has stood the test of time for many reasons.

On this page, I’ll go over its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages Of Linen Suits

These suits are are light and resist moisture which makes it a great summer suit. People in climates that are hot all year round love to wear this suit since it keeps the sun off of them without making them hot.

They are also machine washable meaning you won’t have to read my page on finding a good dry cleaner after all. When you can quickly and easily wash your own suit, you know you’ll save lots of money throughout the year.

Of course, you also know that your suit materials really aren’t all that special. This leads me into the disadvantages of the mens linen suit.

Disadvantages Of Linen Suits

A linen suit will wrinkle very easily and although durable, they will crease easily at heavily folded areas. Creases can eventually lead to damaged fabric; at this point a tailor or trashcan will be needed.

You’ll also find that fading under direct sunlight occurs quite easily which is bad for a suit that has specifically been designed for summer wear.

Lastly, you may find that these suits do not look professional enough to wear to the office. For many people, this suit will be one that can only be worn to summer outings.

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