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Every man will one day have to put on the dreaded tie. However, mens neckties really don’t have to be dreaded at all. These little pieces of silk can really compliment your wardrobe.

You’ll notice that I said little pieces of silk, but there are other materials that ties are made out of. Some companies have made polyester ties as well as cotton or linen ties.

However, these ties do not look professional and it is my opinion that they should never be purchased or worn.

The tie isn’t hard to pick out but you should follow a few rules.

1. When tied, the tip of the tie should hang down to the top of your pants. If you can’t achieve this, then the tie you have chosen is not the right length for you.

This is rarely a problem for anybody, but if you are very tall or very short, you might want to make sure you check the ties length before you buy.

2. Take a look in the mirror when your done tying your tie. It can be very easy to tie your tie perfectly and then mess up on placing the knot at the proper place.

When the ties not is in place, you shouldn’t be able to see your top button. Wear the tie correctly or don’t wear it at all.

3. Always buy silk ties – anything else will look cheap.

4. When in doubt buy the more conservative looking tie. A solid colored tie in a traditional color will go well with a multitude of suits and shirts and will help create more outfits for you.

5. Get a color that goes with both the shirt and the suit. For instance a white tie might go well with your navy blue suit, but it will look silly on top of a white shirt. People might not even know you have a tie on at all.

6. If you have an expensive suit on you will look better with a completely solid tie in a subdued color. It is perfectly fine to make the tie your focal point, but remember that doing so will take the focus away from your suit.

7. Don’t buy mens neckties without a particular shirt and suit in mind. Not all good ties will look nice with just anything. You may end up buying a great looking tie that you can’t wear because it doesn’t make any of your suits or shirts.

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