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Mens Pea Coats

Mens Pea Coats are ideal for wearing with suits. These suit coats can be described as both warm and comfortable.

This type of coat is a great alternative for those looking to get away from wearing mens trench coats with their suits.

One reason you might want to consider wearing this over a trench coat is that it makes you look thicker rather than thinner.

Skinny men can sometimes look frail in a trench coat, but never in a pea coat. This is because these coats add bulk to the shoulders and chest.

Another reason a person might want to buy this over a trench is because it is less restrictive at the knees and great for movement. Outside salesmen looking to pound the pavements each day do not need a garment that reduces their movement speed.

Also a person can sit down with one of these without ever having to take it off. This is good for those that might work in a cold environment that requires them to leave their coat on.

Quick Tips

1. The material chosen should always be wool for maximum comfort and warmth. This might cost you a little more, but it is always worth it.

2. Choose a neutral color that can be worn with the majority of your suits and you won’t have to buy multiples. Mens pea coats in dark gray colors tend to be the most popular.

3. Find one with thick inner lining and multiple pockets. Its never a bad idea to have extra inside pockets for storing things and the inner lining will help keep you warm.

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