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Mens Trench Coats

Mens trench coats can be seen all over in the winter months. The man in the suit has been relying on this type of garment for ages.

Wear these over your suits if you need added warmth and protection against the cold for both your upper body as well as your legs.

Another added benefit can be for the slimming effect this jacket can have on a person. If you have a thick build or are short and stocky buy this before even looking at a pea coat.

Although pea coats are great for those that need mobility in their suits, they are not really necessary for your average suit wearer.

A trench coat might be a bit too much for fast moving sales people or detectives that may end up having to run during the day, but they are just fine for the rest of the suit wearing population.

Buying Tips for Mens Trench Coats

1. Buy a neutral color that matches most of your suits. As with any suit coat, a dark charcoal gray is a great neutral color that will match any suit.

However, this rule isn’t as strict with the trench coat since you really won’t be seeing as much of your suit while wearing the trench.

2. Choose a wool material that is soft and fully lined inside. This should go without saying, but a fully lined suit coat will be much warmer than mens trench coats without full lining.

3. Get one with as many pockets as possible; you can never have too many pockets. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a big fan of jackets with pockets.

The more I can keep in my jacket pockets, the less I have to put in my trouser pockets.

4. Do not buy one without a tie around waste. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but coats without the tie around waste need to be tailored to fit your body type or they can end up flopping around at the waist line.

This makes your beautiful trench coat look like an old rain coat rather than a nice formal suit coat.

5. Coats with a double collar on each side are great. This is a personal choice, but you might want to check them out before you buy.

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