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Moth Protection

Moth protection is a must for anybody keeping suits in their house.

These little insects can cause big problems in a matter of seconds. Unless you plan on keeping an eye on all your suits at all times you should take measures to protect them.

A moth ruins your suit by laying eggs in and around them. When these eggs hatch, hungry larvae come out and chew holes into your clothing.

They will chew through any of your suits, but are much more likely to go after suits with stains or body oils on them.

This means that the quickest and easiest way to deter these creatures is to keep your suits clean.

However, this is no guarantee that the moths will not feast on your expensive suits. In order to completely provide moth protection for your suits, you’ll need to take greater measures.

The biggest enemy to the moth besides your fly swatter and array of poisons is cedar. These bugs despise the pleasant smell of cedar and will not go near it. A cedar closet is the ideal body guard for your clothes. However, cedar hangers are much more affordable, portable, and financially viable.

A note of caution when using cedar wood is that it will eventually start to lose potency. The quick and easy solution is to just take some sand paper to the wood and unlock the magic again. If you don’t like to sand you can always buy cedar spray to liven things up again as well.

The fantastic thing about cedar is that it is a natural way to keep pests away. This means you don’t have to worry about spraying poisons that could harm you and your clothing.

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