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Olive Suit

Wearing an olive suit is not for everybody, but if you can pull it off you will have a nice addition to your wardrobe.

This color is great to wear in spring and summer weather in a cotton or poplin model. Haspel tends to make a few olive models from time to time.

We all know that the Haspel suit is fantastic for warm weather conditions, and it goes splendidly with the color olive.

All body types can benefit from this color as it tends to shy away from favoring any particular build. Thicker people will not look any thicker in olive and thinner people will not look any thinner.

Men with olive skin shades however should steer clear of this particular suit. The reason for this is that it tends to make these people look almost “zombie like” in appearance.

Dark skin tones can work well with this color and lighter skin tones can work well also. If you’re very pale though, you might want to be careful wearing this suit color.

Unless its Halloween, you probably don’t want to walk around looking like somebody from the cast of the Walking Dead.

The traditional white shirt seems to be the best shirt to accompany this suit. This shirt provides a nice contrast between the color of the jacket and will set off a powerful color scheme if matched with an appropriate tie.

Shoes usually look best in brown with this suit color and can really be set off nicely with a tie in red. This being said, a pair of black shoes will also work with the olive suit.

When To Wear An Olive Suit

An olive colored suit is not a traditional business suit and probably should not be worn to a formal office setting. One would expect to find this suit color in less formal suit settings.

For instance, you might find this suit being worn at the country club or perhaps a local hunting club.

Olive colored tweed suits used to be very popular among hunters hunting in the English country side.

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