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One Button Suit

The one button suit is one of the least popular suit models on the market. In general, you’ll find that the two and three button suits dramatically out sell the 1 button suit.

Reasons for this vary, but you’ll find that the one button jackets typically don’t match up well with many body types.

For instance, many short people find that the 1 button jacket only accentuates their small stature. It makes the wearer look almost incapable of wearing a two button suit jacket.

However, short and stocky men can benefit from a one button model. This is because the single button centers nicely on their stocky frame and provides for a nice focal point.

Just don’t wear this if your beer belly is bordering on its nine month of pregnancy. Your stomach will become the focal point and it will not be flattering.

Tall men tend to do better with more buttons on their jackets rather than less.

The exception comes with very tall and very lean men. For some reason the single button makes them look fashionable rather than frail. You can get a good visual of this by simply watching any tall and skinny runway models.

One Button Suit Example

This suit is a dark blue one button suit in a trendy looking model. You’ll notice that the lapels are quite unusual.

Another thing you may have noticed is that this man is quite thin. While his bone frame is pretty typical, he lacks thickness on his frame.

Take a look at the difference between his bodies girth and that of his hands.

This is what I mean about the one button jacket looking good on men that are very thin.

The slim fit 1 button jacket makes him look trendy and in tune with how thin he is.

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