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Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit is the most basic suit pattern you can buy besides the solid suit. This type of pattern consists of vertical lines running throughout the suit jacket and pants.

These stripes are of medium width and thickness in comparison to their chalk striped suit and pencil striped suit counterparts.

The pencil striped suits are thin and closely spaced while the chalk striped suits consist of thick striped. Typically, the average person will refer to all three of these suits as pinstriped ones.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be one of these people. While it may not seem like it, these suits are quite different and will give off a different look.

The pencil striped suit is the most formal and adds a subtle difference when compared to the solid suit. It is appropriate for the office as well as all other occasions.

In contrast to the pencil striped suit, the chalk striped suit is a bit gaudy and the large stripes are not a good choose for the office or for formal events. This suit is good for church and other fun events that might require a suit.

The pinstripe suit is great for the office and for interviews.

You will find that men use this suit to look more formal and authoritative. This is the reason this suit is one of the first suits you should buy, especially when preparing for an interview.

You’ll also notice that politicians love wearing this suit. It gives them an aura that says they are strong leaders and should be elected to lead. Unfortunately, the suit sometimes bends the truth as much as the politician.

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