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Poplin Suit

The poplin suit is made of a combination of lightweight fabrics to include: silk, cotton, worsted wool, and even polyester. This silky smooth material is found mostly in high end models.


This material is lightweight and makes a great summer suit. Also the silky smooth feel to the fabric makes it a great luxury suit. You can’t go wrong using this material for your luxury summer suits.

The big advantage comes in the form of being able to take advantage of all of the benefits of the different materials used in creating poplin. Fabric makers just need to make sure they get the right mixture or risk combining all the disadvantages of each material.


The major disadvantage to this fabric is its poor versatility. Do not wear this suit in late fall, winter, or early spring – it is much too light. Durability can also be an issue for the more aggressive suit wearer.

Unfortunately, this material does not pick up the bulk or durability of a wool or polyester suit. This being said, it does provide better durability than a cotton suit or a silk suit.

I’d imagine that in order to capture the durability of a polyester or wool suit, one would have to also take on the bulk and warmth of these suits. This would eliminate the luxurious feel you get from a nice poplin suit.

Where To Buy

This type of suit is made by a whole host of designers. You’ll be able to find a suit made from poplin from designers such as: Jos A Bank, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Hardwick, and many others.

Typically, you’ll find these suits are more readily available in the summer months. However, you should be able to find a nice suit made from poplin online during any time of the year.

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