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Knowing how essential a power suit can be to your career is a good start to choosing, buying, and wearing a power suit. In order to complete the process you will need to know exactly what this suit really is.

This article will give you specific details on the power suit. You will learn about the style and color of the suit as well as the accessories that should be used in conjunction with the suit.

The color navy blue is the most powerful color in the world of business and politics. This is the color you will choose when creating your power suit. Rest easy, this color will go with all skin shades and body types.

Patterns on a power suit should always be white or black pinstripe. This pattern on a blue suit puts off a more authoritative look than any other combination in creation. For this reason many people will wear this suit when they are giving speeches or holding the dreaded Monday morning meetings.

Wear a nondescript white dress shirt underneath your jacket. This shirt should not have any distracting patterns or colors to diminish the affect of your suit or “power tie”. You can change your power suit into everyday work or leisure wear by changing the shirt and tie later.

Ties worn in conjunction with the power suit are known as power ties. These ties do not have to be one solid color, but they do need to have some red in them. For instance you could have a dark red tie with square patterns and silver outlines.

The color of your dress shoes must be black. Patterns should be non-existent and the shoe should lace up. Use this style in combination with a high sheen and you will be wearing the most formal shoes in creation.

Power Suit Example

This is a great example of what this suit is all about. As you can see, it is a navy blue pinstripe suit with white lines.

The tie might be a little bright, but it is most certainly attention getting. As you may have read, the color red creates excitement and helps people to remember.

Your red tie will help you be remembered and your blue suit will help you be remembered as somebody that is honest and loyal.

In addition to this, the pinstripes will help you be remembered as somebody confident and strong.

The clean white shirt will make you look professional and the plain black shoes will give a formal air to you.

As you can see, everything about this suit is designed to paint you in a positive light.

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