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Seersucker Suits

Seersucker suits are a type of cotton suit specifically made for warm weather.

These garments are great for keeping cool in late spring through summer and are very common in the southern part of the United States.

Materials are woven differently from the traditional cotton clothing.

Strands of fabric are bunched together in some areas of the design to help keep the jackets and pants away from your skin.

Colors are usually white with blue stripes, but you can find just about any color imaginable.

This makes this suit a bit funny looking, but also makes it easily identified for what it is.


The superior design of this suit helps keep the wearer nice and cool and eliminates any need for ironing. A side benefit is the ability to machine wash this garment – be careful not to shrink it in the dryer.


This material is noticeably different than your average fabric and may not be appropriate for your line of work.

Also these suits are generally made in festive pinstripes with bright summer colors making it completely inappropriate for somber occasions.

This is a picture of a white suit made with seersucker. As you can see, it has blue pinstripes and is the classic look that you get with a suit made from seersucker.

While this suit looks neat, I can’t imagine wearing this to a business meeting.

The best places to wear this suit are churches, day time weddings, parties on yachts and other events that require a suit that doesn’t have to be too formal.

Also, I’d save this for events in areas where seersucker suits are commonly worn.

I can’t imagine that this suit would go over very well in Philadelphia or some other large northeastern city.

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