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Sharkskin Suits

Sharkskin suits were a staple of the 1960’s fashion. These suits had a certain shine to them that makes them much more appealing to vintage suit lovers. The 1980’s retro suits are comparable to the amateur, but a die hard can spot the difference right away.

This type of suit has become increasingly hard to get. Almost 50 years is a long time for clothing to hold up well, even if you take care of it. These suits can occasionally be found at estate sales, yard sales, consignment shops, specialty shops, and online retailers.

These days, you can find new versions of the old classic. However, most of the newer versions lack the high shine of the old time versions. The main similarity is that they are made from the same sharkskin fiber.

Its interesting that the suit is named a sharkskin one when the material used to make one is somewhat unnatural. Sharkskin fabric is typically made from rayon or acetate. It can also be made from a combination of the two fabrics.

These days you can also find mixes of wool and other all natural materials.

The advantage to this suit is that it can be lighter, warmer, and less prone to wrinkles than some other suit fabrics. On the other hand, this suit can be more expensive and less pleasant to feel and to touch.

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