Suit Buying Tips

Shopping for Suits

Lets go shopping for suits. You have your measurements, you know how to measure a suit, you know all about the different parts of a suit, and you know the basic styles to choose from. Now the only thing that’s left for you to do is to buy the suit.

Store Buying Tips

1. Map out a few stores that you would like to go to before heading out. I know that nobody wants to be driving all over town these days, but try and make a point to visit three or more stores before making your purchase.

2. When buying a suit in a store always go to the store wearing a dress shirt and if you already own a suit, your suit. Going from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit will make any suit look good on you.

3. Put everything you would normally have in your pockets while wearing your suit in the new suit pockets to see what it feels like.

*Please remember to take them back out before you leave the store.*

4. Use the buddy system. If your going to a store to buy your suit take a friend along with you. There are a few reasons for this: its always nice to get a few opinions before making a decision, in the case of an aggressive salesman your buddy can help run interference, a friend can make the trip less boring.

Shopping for Suits Online

Buying a suit online can seem like a daunting task to the inexperienced buyer. Reasons for this can include fears of: identity theft, fraud, and unknown shipping costs. However, with a few useful strategies you can dramatically limit your risk and make the online shopping process as fun as your brick and mortar experiences.

The most important tip I can give you is to use a secure server when you are shopping for suits or anything else online. Fraud is not as prevalent as some naysayers would have you believe, but it is something to watch out for. Using a secure server will help you feel at ease throughout the buying process and make the purchase that much sweeter.

Make your purchase with an honest vendor. These can be found through feedback systems and recommendations from trustworthy sources. Knowing that your seller will give you proper treatment is a nice way to do business.

Know your shipping costs before you make the purchase. Shipping costs can easily be found by checking with the united states post office website. This website will help you determine whether or not the price being charged for shipping is fair.

Know your measurements before going shopping for suits. Knowing your measurements before going shopping for suits is important in determining what size suit you will need to purchase. Guessing at your measurements can lead to disappointment and ultimately will not solve your problem of needing to purchase a suit to wear.

Make purchases from companies that show several pictures of the item in their listings. You will want to know what your suit will look like at all angles when you wear it, and multiple pictures is the only way to determine this.

Purchases should never be made from a company that does not have a return policy. Suit sizes do not always measure up correctly and you may find yourself with a suit that does not fit. This issue will not be a problem if you have the ability to return the item after the purchase.

Use a credit card to make your online purchases. Credit card companies will help protect you against fraud and will fight for you if you cannot get a refund. Also many credit card companies offer cash back on purchases which will save you some money.

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