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Silk Suits

Silk suits originate from the same insects that ruin suits…moths. Ironically, once we have a suit, we need to do everything we can to keep moths away from them.

This is because moths are likely to put holes in our garments. For more information on keeping moths away from your clothing, visit my page on moth protection.

Advantages of Suits Made From Silk

Silk fabrics are extremely smooth and cool to the touch. Have you ever wondered why people refer to things as being “silky smooth”? It is because silk is one of the smoothest materials on the planet.

You’ll notice that silk can shimmer under certain lighting. This makes this suit great for people looking to wear an expensive suit to a night club or some other after hours event.

Another advantage of silk is that it can be very difficult to wrinkle. This means that you can wear it longer before having to get it professionally pressed.

This being said, you’ll still want to steam clean this suit for hygiene purposes.


This suit can become hot and sticky in warm conditions and might need to be cleaned more often to keep it sanitary.

Another disadvantage is that this suit does not hold up well under cold weather conditions. Basically, you need to be in a very comfortable climate to pull off wearing this suit comfortably.

The biggest disadvantage to many will be that a men’s suit made from a high end designer in this material can be hard to find.

Silk Suits Comparison

If you’re searching for a suit to wear to the office, a wool suit is a much better choice over a silk one.

In summer weather I would go with a cotton suit or a seersucker suit over silk as well.

The best time and place to wear all silk suits is when you are out on the town in temperatures between sixty and seventy five degrees.

Sitting in an outdoor bar or restaurant with a warm breeze blowing by, you’ll look and feel great in a suit made of silk.

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