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Slim Suits

Slim suits shouldn’t be worn by everybody. However, if you’ve checked your measurements or feel you fall into one of the two categories below then you’ve come to the right place.

Slim suits are for you if…..

1. You’re an ectomorph

2. You are looking for a trendy body hugging suit to wear.

If you fall into the first category you probably want to look into either a vintage suit or a suit that is styled after the versace or ralph lauren suit models.

These suits are “skinny suits”, but they aren’t tapered in a way that makes them hug every part of your body. When you wear this type of suit, you’ll still look professional even in a traditional office environment.

Remember that if you’re wearing your suit as a sort of “work uniform”, how others perceive you in it is even more important than how you feel about the particular look. Of course, this advice doesn’t apply to all workplaces or professions, but it is a good thought to keep in mind wherever you are.

Slim Suits as a Fashion Statement

The second category demands a suit style that hugs around the waist as well as at the soldiers. Personally I find clothing that fits like this to be rather uncomfortable and impractical, but some trendier folks feel the look suits them.

slim suitsThese suits will not have any shoulder padding and will not attempt to enhance your strong points or lessen the visual appearance of your weak points. The suit will hug your body everywhere and the pants will be quite tapered.

Make sure that you try these suits on before you purchase them.

Also, be sure that you have a good place to wear a suit like this. Many office environments will frown upon these suits and if you have a job in sales, you may actually lose money by wearing this type of suit.

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